Tamar Nurseries Environmental Credentials are

Beautiful & Simple


Environmentally Friendly

We take great care of the environment, and as a team we passionately believe we can contribute to fight the pollution of our wonderful planet.


All of our water, either by rain or irrigation is collected and stored in reservoirs ready for use again. EC and PH scales are monitored continuously. Currently we have 4 large reservoirs on site, enabling us to store 20 million litres of water.

Recycled Glasshouse

The Tamar Nurseries complete glasshouse is made from recycled materials except for the roof which is shatter proof, and uses the most environmentally friendly methods in order to become a carbon neutral company.

Electric machinery

We have in use various electric powered machinery, including a Avant loader, Forklifts and Golf Buggies with loading trailers attached to pack orders. Once viable electric transport vehicles are available, Tamar Nurseries will be leading the way in this
method of transport.


Our 40 kilo watt solar panel array with the latest battery power storage facility, produces all the power required for the running of the glasshouses, nursery, machinery and offices at Tamar Nurseries.
‘A Natural Choice’

Recycled Materials

All Pots and Cardboard are 100% recycled. Shrubs and Trees planted in 40% peat reduced compost.
All aggregates are sourced locally in order to keep the foot print down. The use of Peat Free Compost in all Herbaceous and Perennial plants.
‘A Natural Choice’

Water storage tanks

Each tank holds the capacity of
2 million litres of water, collected by rain fall, and water collected from the recycled plant beds, including all the undercover beds inside of the glasshouse, as well as outdoor areas.

Biological Management

We use Biological Insect Management Control, consisting of Spidex pest control. Spidex works well on all the life cycle stages of the two spotted spider mite, but prefers younger stages most. Also Thripex pest control of various thrips species (hatching eggs and the first larval stage).

Using these products in a natural way is the basis for healthy stock and a balanced environment, not only for the plants, but for the staff and customers.


+ KWH Solar power

+ Litres of water

percent Recycled



Tamar Nurseries has been established since 1979

Tamar Nurseries are accredited members of the Horticultural Trades Association.

Supplying plants to the Nursery Certification Scheme standards, and in accordance with the National Plant Specification.

We grow over a million plants each year and a wide range of trees in various sizes and formations.

Our customer base consists of Local Authorities,Landscapers, Designers, and Estate Managers.

We were extremely honoured to receive our Royal Warrant in April 2017.


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